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Addiction = Physical + Mental

Recovery = Spiritual, but not religious.

Twelve Steps to Recovery  -  Free, Simple, Proven Solutions

Our Commitment

The purpose of www.12steps.co.nz is to provide information on the range of 12-step programmes worldwide, especially those in New Zealand.

Our commitment is to help you find the connection between a serious problem you are experiencing in your life and a free, simple, and proven solution.

Our hope is that you will quickly find freedom from your problems, and happiness in your life.

Our vision is a dream.

A Common Story

A series of emotional shocks have knocked you down emotionally:

  • recent, like loss of income, relationship difficulties, or death of a friend;
  • or deep-seated, like childhood trauma, illness, or low self-esteem.


You feel disconnected, desperate to find people who understand your struggle, who feel like you do. People who will listen and are willing to help.

You’ve tried your best to struggle on, using self-help books, antidepressants, or psychotherapy but your life is languishing, a lonely listless battle. And, for what?

So you try to fit in by drinking or drugging, or escaping through hedonistic sex, gambling, or overeating. But each escape is only temporary.

You try harder to be happy, to be accepted, to have fun. But, there’s no fun in the fun anymore and the jumping off place looms as a way of ending your sense of failure, shame, and despair.

Sensing there's another way you find yourself here, arriving at an invisible doorway to another world - a welcoming community of people whose sole surprising agenda is for you to find emotional well-being, happiness, and fulfillment. People here share from the heart - stories of their lives which you can relate to. Surely this isn’t real?

You hesitantly take your first small step across the threshold to explore this new reality and shed a tear of gratitude as someone wraps kindness around you.


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