Police and Alcoholics Anonymous

Police in Western Canada help alcoholics

Read AA's Box 459 magazine, Box 459 Feb-Mar, 2006. Scroll down to page 9 and the article entitled "Canadian Police Carry A.A.’s Message of Hope On P.S.A. Business Cards."


NZ Police in Auckland help alcoholics

Congratulations to the NZ Police for seeing past bad behaviour to the disease of addiction causing it. In 2013 NZ Police in Auckland NZ completed a 1 year trial which engaged front line police officers in the process of connecting people who are getting into trouble while under the influence of alcohol with Alcoholics Anonymous

Would you like to help?

Please contact us if you have suggestions about how this page can be used to create a resource for

  • people within the police who would like to help people with drinking problems
  • alcoholics within this community group who are still suffering
  • A.A. members in service groups that are working with the police