Free Counseling?

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There are many things which 12 Step groups do not offer.

With regards to counseling, 12 Step recovery groups/members:

  • do not make medical or psychiatric diagnoses or prognoses.
    Instead, you decide upon the nature of the problem you need help with.
  • do not offer professional counseling services of any kind.
    Instead, you are free to choose any 12 Step group member who you think has achieved good recovery from the problem you need help with to be your sponsor.

  • do not provide domestic or vocational counseling.
    Instead, within 12 Step meetings you hear personal stories of how others have got their relationships and careers back on track by practicing the 12 Step programme.

What is the Primary Problem you need help with?

It us up to you to decide upon which type of problem you wish to solve, and which 12 Step group is most suitable to solving it: alcohol problems; gambling problems; drug problems; eating problems; sex problems; depression problems; money problems; many other types of problems.

Choose your Sponsor: Who would you like to help you?

12 Step groups provide a form of group talk therapy, where members contribute their personal experience, strength and hope in order to help others to recover from problems similar to those which they have experienced themselves. There are no dues or fees for membership. 12 Step sponsors never charge for their support.

Listening to other people’s stories about what it was like, what happened, and what its like now, enables you to choose who you would like to be your sponsor.

12 Steps Sponsors are not Professional Counselors.

Within 12 Step groups members do not hold themselves out as professional counselors, although some members have taken their recovery experience to higher professional levels outside of their 12 Step groups.

Free Unlimited Recovery Support from your Sponsor

Sponsors are 12 Step Recovery Guides

While 12 Step sponsors are not counselors they act as guides and facilitators of your recovery from your problems. They do this by sharing with you how they have used the 12 Step recovery process to overcome their own problems.

Enjoy Emotional Wellbeing

The goal of the 12 Step recovery process is to put your problems behind you and to enjoy ongoing emotional wellbeing. Read The Promises.