Drug Conviction Penalties

Many countries are starting to realise that the process of treating alcohol and drug misusers as criminals is wrong.

Decriminalisation Works

In his blog Richard Branson talks about a new report which has found found that decriminalisation of drug possession does not lead to an increase in drug use. Knee jerk political reactions, and deep-seated prejudices against alcoholics and drug users, mean that addicts often don't get the help they need.  Enormous sums of taxpayer money continue to be wasted through ineffective policy.

People need help, not a criminal record

People who are suffering from alcohol and drug problems need help.  What they don't need is the burden of a criminal record to be added to the obstacles in their recovery. The key is to help people realise that they need help. Most are in denial.

Help with Drink Driving Convictions

If you are suffering from problems of alcohol use, such as drink-driving convictions, then you should seek help from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Help with Drug Convictions

If you are being prosecuted for drug possession, seek help from Narcotics Anonymous.