Meditation Techniques

Meditation in Step 11

Step 11 of Joe and Charlie's study of The Big Book provides entertaining and practical advice about fitting meditation into your busy day.

They refer to a song called "In The Garden".  Joe says he only realised, in AA, that this song was about prayer and meditation.

In The Garden - Elvis Presley

A Song about Meditation

In The Garden - Alan Jackson

Mediation country style, live

Meditation and Yoga

Something to aspire to:

"When your body is vigorous, your mind clear, your spirit exalted, your blood pure, your nerves disciplined, your physique resistant to disease, when you have made of your physical frame an instrument worthy of the Divine Player – this is the beginning of Yoga.

"When your service is to your Creator and your fellow man, when you perform hateful tasks joyfully, when you are humble in success and cheerful in adversity, when you are indifferent to praise or offence, and when you bow down in gratitude for the difficulties and obstacles you encounter – this is the progress of Yoga.

"When you are master of thought and ruler of emotion, when amid all vicissitudes your calm enjoyment of inward peace is complete, when every detail of existence evokes in you wonder and awe, when you feel each moment of life to be a miracle, when you merge your infinitesimal soul in the ocean of infinite silence, and when you truly love all living things as part of yourself – this is the attainment of Yoga."

Is the ideal too high, the goal too inaccessible? If this is what you feel, then simply remember the ancient Chinese proverb: "A journey of ten thousand miles begins with the first step."

c/- HSM


Meditation, Relaxation and Self Hypnosis

Learn about Meditation and Relaxation while you Stop Smoking

If you are trying to stop smoking too you can learn some relaxation/meditation techniques using the hypnosis CD that comes with Paul McKenna's book entitled "Quit Smoking Today without gaining weight."

Meditation to Break the Negative thinking cycle

Meditation is the ultimate exercise in positive thinking.