ABCs Of 12 Steps

ABCs of Twelve Step Programs

A.A. -> B.B. -> C.C.®

A.A. Absolute Acceptance
B.B. Big Book
C.C. Compassion for your Community

Definition of A.A. -> B.B. -> C.C.®

A.A. Absolute Acceptance : A.A. is also the recognised abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous, from where all 12 step programs originated. In A.A. acceptance of being an alcoholic is the essential first step.
B.B. Big Book : The first 12 step program was published in the Big Book (B.B.) of Alcoholics Anonymous. This book provides the most valuable reference for development of all 12 step programs.
C.C. Compassion for your Community: Finding the strength of spirit to put other people before ourselves is the essence of 12 step work.  This is a new way of living for people suffering with an obsession with self.

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