Self Help Recovery

All 12 steps recovery programmes are self-help.

Self Help

You generally need to make your own decision, yourself, to seek help.

Self Help Groups

12 step self help recovery works through groups of people sharing their experience, strength and hope with each about how they have recovered. A wonderful empathy develops between newcomers and longer-serving group members.  Life-long friendships develop through genuine concernr, and unconditional love, for each othe.

Self Supporting

All 12 step recovery programmes are self supporting. There are no dues or fees.

Self Help Books

Most 12 step programmes have a wide range of self-help literature to help you with your recovery. All 12 steps self-help programmes are based upon the original 12 steps textbook, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Seek Help

Feel free to contact us about the sort of help you are looking for.  We'll do our best to help find the best self help recovery programme to suit your needs.