Doctors and Alcoholics Anonymous

A key question for doctors to ask their patient is, "Would you like to stop drinking?

If the answer is "Yes" then information on this page will help you to help your patient.

Treatment of Alcoholism

Alcoholism has long been recognised as a disease.

Patients with the Disease of Alcoholism

Your patients may wonder, "Am I an alcoholic?"

Doctors with the Disease of Alcoholism

One of the founding members of A.A. was Doctor Bob

There is a specialist international group for doctors who are alcoholics

AA as a Resource for the Health Care Professionals

The only requirement for membership of A.A. is a desire to stop drinking.

Would you like to help?

Please contact us if you have suggestions about how this page can be used to create a resource for doctors and:

  • people within this community group who would like to help people with drinking problems
  • alcoholics within this community group who are still suffering
  • A.A. members in service groups that are working with this community group