Special Needs

People with Special Needs and Alcoholics Anonymous

Our Big Book says, ‘We are people who normally would not mix".  This is especially true when someone is a little “different" from the others. The rewards of giving this kind of service to a fellow alcoholic are immense!  Group unity grows stronger, the person with special needs is included and respected as a fully-participating member of the group, and everyone’s sobriety is strengthened.

A.A. Serves People with Special Needs

Also on this page are specific resources for:

AA's Toronto declaration states:

I am responsible…when anyone,
anywhere reaches out for help,
I want the hand of A.A. to always be there.
And for that, I am responsible

A.A. Illustrated Literature

A.A.'s illustrated literature is helpful for alcoholics with special needs :

Pamphlet : Is A.A. for Me? - Alcoholics Anonymous - Illustrated Pamplhlet : TheTwelve Steps - Alcoholics Anonymous - Illustrated Pamplhlet : TheTwelve Concepts of Service Explained - Alcoholics Anonymous - Illustrated

Comic-book style stories about alcoholics Alice and Joe

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Alcoholics

The following material has been rewritten for reading and sign language: Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, A Brief Guide to A.A., A Deaf Newcomer Asks, Is A.A. for You?, Is A.A. for Me?, Do You Think You’re Different, How It Works, This Is A.A., A Newcomer Asks, and The Serenity Prayer.  Please contact your local A.A. Service Centre for more information about these.  A.A. has also written guidelines for carrying the message to the deaf alcoholic.

Blind and Visually Impaired Alcoholics

For A.A. members who are blind or visually impaired, simply getting to the meeting room can be the biggest problem.

Services and material available to help the blind or visually impaired alcoholic include books and pamphlets available in Braille, in large print, and a range of recorded media. There is also a huge range of recorded A.A. material on the internet.

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