Normal Drinking

“Normal Drinking” depends on the class of drinker.

Classification of drinkers: Alcoholic; Non-alcoholic

We can classify drinkers into two classes:

  • People who are not alcoholic
  • People who are alcoholic.  Alcoholics are commonly referred to as:
    • being alcohol dependent, or
    • suffering from the disease of alcoholism, or
    • binge drinkers

There is a popular misconception that alcoholics do not drink normally. In actual fact, acoholics drink entirely normally for their class of drinker.

The majority of people are non-alcoholic.

Normal drinking

“Normal drinking” for Alcoholics

It is normal for alcoholics to drink large quanities of alcohol in any drinking session.

This is because when someone who is suffering from the disease of alcoholism puts alcohol into his system he experiences the phenomenom of craving.  This craving makes him want to drink more.

So “normal drinking“, for one who is suffering from the disease of alcoholism, is to drink large quantities of alcohol.  This is “normal” for a practicing alcoholic.

“Normal drinking” for non-alcoholics

It is normal for non-alcoholic people to drink only small amounts of alcohol in any drinking session.

This is because people who are not alcoholic experience a slightly dizzy, out-of-control, or nauseaous feeling if they drink more than a small amount of alcohol.  So, as they put more alcohol into their systems their tendency is to want to slow down, or stop ingesting alcohol.

So, “normal drinking” for someone who is not an alcoholic is to only even drink small amounts of alcohol.

Alcoholism is a Disease

People who are alcoholics suffer from a disease called alcoholism.

People who suffer from the disease of alcoholism cannot control their drinking. To determine whether or not you are an alcoholic try a little controlled drinking.

Responsible Drinking

“Drink responsibly” has done as much for alcoholism as “Have a nice day” has for depression.

If you believe that alcoholics can control their drinking then you are suffering from Alcoholic Prejudice.  Alcoholic Prejudice is a societal malady that block society from solving the problems caused by alcohol.