Teenagers and Alcoholics Anonymous

Freedom from Bondage

A story of teenage recovery from Alcoholism

Young when she joined, this A.A. member believes her serious drinking was the result of even deeper issues.  She tells here how she was set free, " ...This great experience that released me from the bondage of hatred and replaced it with love is really just another affirmation of the truth I know: I get everything I need in Alcoholics Anonymous - and everything I need I get. And when I get what I need, I invariably find that it is just what I needed all along."

Reprinted from the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

This is a sample of the help available for teenagers suffering from alcohol problems themselves, or living in alcoholic families, in New Zealand:

Teenage Alcoholics

"Young people in Sobriety" is an A.A. group that meets every Saturday evening at the 24-Hour Club, 1 Pollen St, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

All groups welcome people of all ages to their meetings.

Teens in Alcoholic Families

Alateen in New Zealand

Alateen provides hope and help for young people who are the relatives and friends of a problem drinker.

Al-Anon in New Zealand

Other non-alcoholic family members will find help and support through Al-Anon.


Get Back Friends

Isolation From Friends

A sense of isolation and loneliness are symptomatic of all addictions. Through recovery we reconnect with true friends, and rebuild a network of new friends.

GET BACK WORK -- A.A. NZ 0800 AAWORKS (0800 229 6757)

Alcoholics Anonymous NZ

0800 AAWORKS (0800 229 6757)


Information for Young People considering Alcoholics Anonymous

Teenagers in AA Recovery

A group of people reflect recovery in AA.

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Young People in Recovery

Teenager in AA Recovery

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Personal Stories of Recovery in AA

AA Pamphlets for Teenagers

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A message to teenagers  Young people and AA