Suicide is descibed as being a long-term solution to a short-term problem. No matter how impossible you feel your situation to be, the problem you are faced with will never outlive the consequences of you committing suicide. All problems pass.  Your life is precious.  Hold on to hope.  Reach out for help.

Many people in 12-step programmes have suffered from suicidal thoughts and behaviours.  Many people contemplate suicide before they discover a way to recover from what feels like hopeless situations in their lives. Many people in 12 step "Anonymous" recovery groups have discovered the antidote to suicidal thoughts during their recovery. There is even a 12-step-based recovery fellowship called Suicide Anonymous. It is a programme of recovery for people whose suicidal thoughts have become an addicition in themselves.

Alcoholic Suicide

There is a strong link between untreated alcoholism and suicide.

Suicide Help

If you are think you are likely to commit suicide today then you we suggest you contact, or at least call someone.

Suicidal Thoughts


If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and feel that these are being caused by you feeling depressed, maybe seek help via .

Ask for Help

The most important thing is to make contact with people you feel might be able to help.

Don't give up hope

There are many avenues to recovery.  So don’t give up hope.  If you don’t find the answer in the first place you look, then simply look somewhere else. If you don’t like the answer that one person, e.g. doctor, gives you then ask another.  There are lots of people around who are keen to help you.  You will find the answer, and I am happy to engage in a conversation with you, and share with you the process of discovering the help you need.