Work In Progress


Well, I think I've done enough of that (research) having been a heavy drinker for more than 35 years, finally becoming alcoholic, and needing the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step programme to recover to enjoy the joy of freedom from the obsession of drinking alcohol.

In the parlance of addiction, "Research" is to continue in active addiction when we know we are addicts.

Attracting people in need


The content on this site is constantly being enhanced to attract people who are suffering, in order that we can offer a solution.

Site Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an ongoing process.

Building credibility

If this site has helped you solve your problems, or you simply like what we are about we would be most grateful for a link from your site to this site as a vote of confidence in what we are trying to achieve.

Social Media Optimisation

Currently in the planning stage, while content and SEO are underway.  Perhaps you'd like to help in this phase.

Resources for 12 step programmes

Many 12 step programmes currently have little or no online presence, and so are difficult for people in need to find.


The website provides an opportunity for embryonic 12 step programmes to create an online presence for themselves.  For example:

Please contact us if you would like to create/maintain an online presence for your 12-step group.

Help forums

Forums for 12 step group members to help each other, and to journal their own journey of experience, strength and hope.

Consultation and Planning

It  is planned that will be managed by a conscience group.


The design, and outward beauty, of this site is something that might improve its effectiveness. If you are in recovery, and are willing to contribute your time to help us create a better design for this site then please contact us.