Character Defects

Bill Wilson's writing style meant that he used different terms to refer to the same thing:

Synonyms for "Character Defects"

Within all 12 step programmes character defects are described in a variety of ways:

"Character Defects" within the 12 Steps

Within the 12 steps themselves "character defects" are referred to as:

  • searching and fearless moral inventory (in Step 4)
  • the exact nature of our wrongs (in Step 5)
  • defects of character (in Step 6)
  • our shortcomings (in Step 7)

Examples of Character Defects

"Character Defects" in the 12n12

Within the book "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions", affectionately know as "The 12n12" by AA members, some examples of "character defects" are:

  • misdirected instinct (pg 42, in Step 4)
  • physical and mental liabilities (pg 42, in Step 4)
  • emotional deformities (pg 43, in Step 4)
  • a searching and fearless moral inventory (pg 43, in Step 4)
  • ...places the sex desire ahead of everything else, ...this imperious urge (pg 43, in Step 4)
  • obsession for financial security