Walking away from Depression

"When I was tired and couldn't concentrate, I used to fall back on an affirmation toward life that took the form of simple walking and deep breathing. I sometimes told myself that I couldn't do even this -- that I was to weak. But I learned that this was the point at which I could not give in without becoming still more depressed.

"So I would set myself a small stint. I would determine to walk a quarter of a mile. And I would concentrate by counting my breathing - - say, six steps to each slow inhalation and four to each exhalation. Having done the quarter-mile, I found that I could go on, maybe a half-mile more. Then another half-mile, and maybe another.

"This was encouraging. The false sense of physical weakness would leave me (this feeling being so characteristic of depressions). The walking and especially the breathing were powerful affirmations toward life and living and away from failure and death. The counting represented a minimum discipline in concentration, to get some rest from the wear and tear of fear and guilt."

ABSI 92: LETTER, 1960

The Missing Link - a story of recovery from depression

... Over the last seven years, nearly everything I could not stay sober through has happened.  Indeed, sobriety and life are full of ups and downs.  Occasionally depression can creep back into my life and requires outside help.  However this programme has provided me with the tools to stay sober through the death of my best friend, failed relationships, and good times like birthdays, weddings and graduations.  Life is exponentially better than it ever was before.  I'm living out the life I used to fantasise about, and a whole lot of work is still in front of me.  I have hope to share and love to give, and I just keep going one day at a time, living this adventure called life... The Missing Link

Reprinted from the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Further help with recovery from depression

Depression is an inevitable part of addiction.

When addiction is not diagnosed people may be prescribed anti-depressants to treat their depression.

If you think you are suffering from an addiction we suggest that you seek help through the most relevant 12 step meeting.

If you are struggling with depression, but don't think you are suffering from addiction, maybe investigate Emotions Anonymous or AntiDepressants Anonymous.