The Gift of Desperation

You wil find the need for an anonymous program to be more palatable when you have exhaused your willpower and all other avenues of recovery from your dis-ease.  At this point you will be desperate.

You will normally be in great deal of emotional pain, although you will probably not realise it, let alone admit it. This is especially true if you are suffering from a compulsive disorders such as alcoholism, overeating, gambling, and sex addiction.

After being in the 12 step program for a while most people feel immensely grateful that they had become so desperate. They see their recovery as a rare gift - the gift of desperation.

A good solid dose of desperation makes Step 1 much easier to accept.

Are you desperate?

NOW is the time for Step 1

There is an abbreviation commonly used in 12 step programmes, NOW = No Other Way. 

NOW is the time for step 1 because there is NOW (No Other Way)

God's grace is undeserved favours

Considering our adventures prior to arriving at 12 steps we consider the Gift Of Desperation (GOD) to be an undeserved favour.