We have no affiliation to any particular religion, however we find prayer to be a positive determinant of our freedom and happiness.

When I first started on my 12 step program I relied upon The Serenity Prayer many times each day to help me through the initial challenges.  As my memory has improved during recovery I've expanded the number of prayers I can remember.


Morning Prayer and Meditation

First thing each morning I pray, then meditate.  I think that this process gives me the best chance of living each day.

I say these prayers each morning, before meditating:

This list has naturally expanded over time as I have worked my way through the steps. And, each prayer has become more meaningful as the list has increased.


Prayers During the Day

If I find things getting difficult during the day I will often recite a suitable prayer in my mind to try to find serenity in that moment. If someone upsets me the Step 4 Prayer is useful.

Prayers Before going to Sleep

I find prayer to be an excellent diversion for my obsessive mind. Prayers keep my thoughts on positive things, and away from negative ones. Prayers are an enormous aid to getting to sleep, and good sleep is a great aid to recovery.