Alcoholism is a progressive disease.

Clues to My Alcoholism

I drank heavily for many many years before my alcoholism lead me to finding the 12 steps programme of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Only then did I begin to understand the reasons for my heavy drinking and what I could do about it.

25 – 30 years ago

In a bottle store buying more alcohol, feeling hung over, and wondering why there were no other people in the store at that time of day — in the morning, or at lunch time.

5 – 10 years ago

Regularly checking out through the supermarket aisle with one or two cases of wine and wondering why I never see other people buying wine by the case.

Wondering why people go through the checkout buying only one bottle of wine.  Perhaps they are poor.

Regular purchase of the maximum duty free allowance of spirits, every time, when travelling internationally.  And stockpiling these bottles of spirits in case my situation were to change and I would be unable to buy spirits so cheaply.