Clergy and Alcoholics Anonymous

A.A. Pamphlet for Members of the Clergy

Many members of the clergy are familiar with A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) as a nonsectarian, nondenominational ally in their efforts to help alcoholics to stop drinking more than they want to and lead healthy, productive lives. They know religious leaders of major faiths have expressed support for the A.A. program; and they are aware that among their own ranks there are those who have found in A.A. the answers to their personal drinking problems.

The purpose of this pamphlet, which reproduces questions about A.A. that are frequently asked by members of the clergy, is threefold:

  • First, A.A. acknowledges its debt to the many members of the clergy who have been, and who continue to be, so helpful to alcoholics everywhere.
  • Second, it is hoped that the material on the following pages will provide a useful introduction to A.A. for those who have not yet had occasion to become familiar with the Fellowship.
  • Finally, in addressing the questions most asked by members of the clergy, this pamphlet synthesizes the personal experience, strength and hope of A.A.s everywhere.

Download AA information prepared especially for members of the clergy.  Right click this link and choose "Save as" to save this pamphlet to your computer.

Introduction to A.A. for members of the clergy unfamiliar with the Fellowship; further discussion for those seeking greater understanding of its program.


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