The Space Between

The Space Between - Step 4 of the 12 Steps

Sam Allen's song The Space Between is about finding the willingness to work Step 4 of the the 12 Steps of recovery.

The Space Between

The Space Between - Lyrics

You know the silly things about me
You know the things I like to do
You know all my favorite songs
 and my favorite shade of blue
But if you knew

You know my stupid little habits
Sometimes you even think they're cute
I just wish the worst you saw
 was the worst part of the truth
Cause if you knew

Part of me is still a hiding
And there's a heart beneath my silver lining
But please don't leave if I let you see
The space between the man I really am
And the man I wanna be


I always put my best foot forward
I never let you see me fall
But now I'm not sure if you know
 who I really am at all
Behind these walls

The man I wanna be is somewhere in my soul
But something in my skin has taken my control
I wish I could wake up with
 a way to finally let my demons go
Oh set em free

Cause oh I wanna be

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