Smash Alcoholic Prejudice

Alcoholic Prejudice is the reason that many problem drinkers cannot recognise the problems they are causing themselves and others.

Only when non-alcoholics empathise with people who are problem drinkers will the problems caused by alcohol be permanently reduced.

Alcohol and Drug Courts

Only when court systems accepts that alcoholics are very sick people, who need help rather than a conviction, will recidivist drink driving be reduced.


Empathetic Judges in NZ speak out:


Binge-Drinking Tetraplegic speaks out

Don't do what I did

A binge drinker describes how his repeated binge drinking and drink driving permanently handicapped him.  Only when society accepts that binge drinking is a form of alcoholism will binge drinking behaviour become not-so-cool to those who practice it.

Addicted Alcoholic Tries to dry out

TV3 shows a chronically addicted alcoholic's attempt to detox, and her subsequent relapse. Only when society accepts that alcoholics are powerless over alcohol will problem drinkers feel comfortable accepting that they are alcoholic and need help.