AA Service Manual

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Service

AA's Twelfth Step, carrying the message of recovery to suffering alcoholics, is the basic service that the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous provides.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has no profit motive, no religious motive and no political motive. AA is independent, not allied with any other organization. It does not wish to engage in any controversy, so neither endorses nor opposes any causes.

AA’s sole objective is to help people who have a desire to stop drinking to achieve sobriety. This is the primary purpose of AA, and the reason for its existence. The AA Preamble, read at the opening of every AA meeting, serves as a constant reminder of these principles.

AA Service Manual

The AA Service Manual describes the organisational structure of Alcoholics Anonymous which enables it to deliver this service to others.

In return for helping others, the only thing AA members receive in return is happier lives by maintaining their own sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) Service Manual - USA

AA Service Manual - USA version - online

A.A. Service Manual & 12 Concepts for World Service

A.A. Service Manual (USA) &
12 Concepts for World Service

Organisational Structure of A.A.

AA's Distributed Authority

Structure of Alcoholics Anonymous

Note: GSR = Group Service Representative

Alcoholics Anonymous has been called an upside down organisation because, "the ultimate responsibility and final authority for world services resides with the groups - rather than with the trustees, the General Service Board, or the General Service Office in New York."

Twelve Concepts for World Service Illustrated