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Twelve Steps of Recovery

The purpose of this web site is to provide information on the range of 12steps programmes worldwide, especially those in New Zealand.


www.12steps.co.nz is not affiliated in any way whatsoever with any "12 Step" or "Anonymous" programme.

Free, Simple, Proven Solutions

Our commitment is to help you find the connection between a serious problem you are experiencing in your life and a free, simple, and proven solution. Our hope is that you will quickly find freedom from your problems, and happiness in your life. Our vision is a dream.

Our Experience with 12-Step Programmes

The promises common to all 12step programmes have come true for many of us. We have experienced miracles in our lives as a result of working the twelve steps in our chosen programme(s), and we hope that you will experience similar miracles in your life. You may have been attracted to this site by its negative themes such as suicide, anger, addiction, depression and feelings of desperation.  Most of us trod a similar path before arriving here. If so, we hope that your valued visit here will lead to a positive outcome for you, and your friends and family.

A note from Paul M, webmaster of 12steps.co.nz

A twelve-step program was instrumental in my recovery from a debilitating rock bottom in my life.

My Gratitude

This site is a token of the gratitude I feel for what the people in 12 steps recovery programmes so freely share with me. I doubt I will ever fully repay the freedom and happiness I experience now.

My Commitment

In gratitude, for the help shared freely with me, I solemly make the following declaration:

I am responsible... When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of a 12-step program always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.

Adapted from "The Toronto Declaration"

As my precious Mum says, " 'tis loving and giving the makes life worth living."

www.12steps.co.nz Site Character

No products or services are sold on this site.

This site is a strictly non-commercial spiritual adventure.

It is a work in progress with purely idealistic objectives, and vision. www.12steps.co.nz exists in the spirit of twelve step work.

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In the spirit of tradition 7, we appreciate any words of encouragement or support from people this website has helped.

Ask yourself, "How could I help?"  Let me know your answer.