ADA Tradition 3

AntiDepressants Anonymous Tradition 3

The only requirement for ADA membership is a desire to stop using anti-depressant medications.

Tolerance and Non-judgement

ADA (Antidepressants Anonymous) recognizes that there can be:

  • dangers when stopping antidepressant medications,
  • side-effects associated with starting and taking antidepressant medications, and
  • risks when changing antidepresssant medication doses.

These risks, dangers and side-effects range from mild discomfort to life threatening.

Therefore ADA member are never judged as to whether or not they are currently taking antidepressants, or about what type of anti-depressant medication they are taking. ADA members are recommended to seek advice from medical/psych professionals who are skilled and experienced with managing antidepressant medication changes

Desire to Stop

The key point about tradition 3, in AntiDepressants Anonymous, is that anyone is eligible for membership of ADA if they have the desire to stop using mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs.