Al-Anon and Alateen

There are many 12-step recovery programmes for co-dependents: Al-Anon, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Nar-Anon, CoDa, Families Anonymous, and more. You have many choices about which group is right for you and which group in this category meets your particular needs.

Twelve step groups for codependents are free, anonymous, and available in most communities. If there is not one that is right for you then you can attend other groups to see how they work, then maybe start another type of group yourself which is focused upon the particular problem you are recovering from.

Twelve step groups for codependents are not about how you can help the addict; they're about how you can help yourself grow and change. They can help you accept and deal with the ways that codependency has affected you. They can help you get back on track and stay there.

Recovery for Families with an Alcoholic Family Member


If a member of your family has problems with drinking, but you are not an alcoholic yourself, you will find help and support through Al-Anon.

I was furious when I found myself at my first Al-Anon meeting. It seemed so unfair that he had the problem and I had to go to a meeting. But by that time, I had nowhere left in the world to go with my pain. Now, I'm grateful for AI-Anon and my codependency recovery. Al-Anon keeps me on track; recovery has given me a life.


Recovery for Young People who are Living with Problem Drinkers


Alateen provides hope and help for young people who are the relatives and friends of a problem drinker.

For the Alcoholic in the Family

A mother's story of recovery from Alcoholism

Growing up in A.A., I have been blessed with children who have never seen their mother drunk. I have a husband who loves me simply because I am, and I have gained the respect of my family. What more could a broken down drunk ask for? Lord knows it is more than I ever deserved. All because I was willing to believe A.A. just might work for me too.  My Chance to Live.

A story of recovery from The Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, reproduced with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Service

Young Family Members talk of their Recovery from Alcoholism

Check out this video of young alcoholics talking about their experiences before finding A.A., and this video where one young girl describes her story.